How we got started

Salt and Lite Ministries got its start around 2010 when its founder Eric Clark and a couple others took a trip to Kenya, Africa. During their visit the saw a great need not being filled in the outlying rural areas. The majority of missionary groups focus on the big cities where there are numerous other groups already working but no one was going out into the outlying villages. We started by providing for the physical needs since the average Kenyan has to walk 6 miles for dirty water. 

We worked with a well digging company to place water wells in several communities. Once the wells were completed, we were able to begin providing for the spiritual needs. We've also has had the opportunity on several occasions to assist a standing missionary group with villages in El Salvador. Some can say that our impact on the global community has been small but our focus is on the individual. 

We fill a niche that consists of small rural farming communities that no one else helps. We don't have to make sure we aren't doing something that has already been done because we are the only ones there. Most people we minister to have never seen westerners let alone a missionary. We are able to go to new ground and plant seeds for the first time.