Current Mission

Kenyan School for Girls

The vision of salt and light ministries is to show the love of Jesus Christ to the young girls of Kenya Who are being abused or being used in human trafficking.  We will construct a safe place for them to seek refuge from terrible situations they are currently in. We will house them, feed them, see to their education, and train them for their future all while investing the love of Jesus Christ into their life. Our hope and prayer is to rescue as many young girls as we can but most of all see that they have and eternity in heaven.

Phase 1

Phase1 will consist of constructing a mission home, A dorm to house 20 girls, A bathhouse sufficient for 20 girls, drill a water well, construct a fence for adequate safety, build a cafeteria, and build two classrooms. 

Phase 2

We will build a church on the property that would double as a classroom for training pastors

Phase 3

We will be to construct another dorm and another bathhouse in adequate for 20 more girls as well as a small bunkhouse for short term care in Women seeking a mediate refuge from abuse.
If you would like to donate to the Girls School building fund,Click HERE to donate to the GoFundMe account